Our Mission

You’ve worked hard to make your house a home. At Gregory Funding we understand that.  Our goal is to understand your situation when you contact us, supporting your efforts to better understand and manage your mortgage loan.

Mortgage loans are complex obligations for homeowners. Gregory Funding Professionals seek to help you with concerns and needs that affect your ability to pay your mortgage loan. Our ultimate goal is to help you successfully manage your loan.

When you call Gregory Funding, you can talk to a real person whose job is to assist you with your request or concern, answer your questions, and - when needed - open a ticket to research details and get back to you with more information.

Our Motivation is Service to our Borrowers

Loan Management –  Your time is important to us.  Making it easier for you to manage your loan is our top priority. Our Customer Service Professionals are available by phone, 6:30 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time, to answer questions about your loan status, your payments and refunds, and the content of the letters, forms, and statements we send you.  We assign a single individual as your point-of-contact.  When you need continuity of support, that person will return your call if not initially available when you call in.

Each Loan Account is Unique – We understand mortgage loans are sold from one investor to another, so that you may have experienced servicer changes in the past. It can be hard to research a concern related to a time when your mortgage loan was managed by a prior servicer.  Although we cannot always obtain historical details, we do seek old information from prior servicers when a related concern is raised.  When necessary, we perform analysis of a loan account to help explain and address those concerns related to old circumstances as best we can.   

Help in the Face of Financial HardshipsSometimes unforeseeable events cause difficult and challenging financial situations.  Our intent is to be here to help. Our specialists in payment plans, forbearance agreements, loan modifications, short sales or short payoffs are here to help you complete our application process.  We assign a single-point-of-contact specialist to work with you on the phone, by mail, and by fax.  We do our best to find solutions to preserve your property ownership; if that is not possible, we can often work with you to minimize the impact of your circumstances.

Respect – We strive to be considerate of your needs.  Let us know when we fail to do so. We work hard to hire and train Customer Service Professionals who listen to your concerns, respond promptly to your questions, follow through in personal communications with you, and treat you politely and respectfully in every interaction. All our telephone calls are recorded and stored in a secure location for use in evaluation and coaching our staff to improve their Customer Service Delivery.

Expertise – In this complex and changing financial world, we work hard to service your loan in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.  We take our responsibility seriously and are always working to improve and tailor our service delivery processes, our technology and information systems, and the training of our servicing staff.

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