Insurance Resources

Here are some resources to help you manage your homeowner's insurance with Gregory Funding. It is easy to update your policy information, file insurance claims and more!



Do you need to contact us about your proof of insurance or general coverage requirements? Here's how.

Go Online

For the fastest processing, upload your proof-of-insurance documents here:


Fax your proof-of-insurance documents to: (866) 844-4130.


Mail your proof-of-insurance documents to:

Gregory Funding

PO Box 692402

San Antonio, TX 78269-2402


Call our Customer Service toll free number for inquiries about proof-of-insurance, at (866) 270-3228 Monday - Friday, 5 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time.

Mortgagee Clause

Do you need to make sure the Mortgagee Clause stated on your insurance policies is correct? It must say:

Gregory Funding LLC


PO BOX 692402

San Antonio, TX 78269-2402


We always need current proof of how the mortgagee clause reads on your homeowner policy or policies.

Claims Handling

Do you need to contact us related to an insurance claim for property damage? Here's how.


Customer Service Fax:

(866) 712-5696


Gregory Funding

PO Box 230579

Tigard, OR 97281-0579

Insurance Claim Packet & Checklist

This package of forms includes instructions and your paperwork to process an insurance claim with us, including Intent to Repair certification, Request for Funds certification, 50%-Complete, 100%-Complete and Job Completion Certificate forms for borrower and contractor(s), the Lien Waiver form for your contractor(s), and the IRS Form W-9 to be completed by any person to whom we disburse the claim funds on your behalf.